PERLUR Group, (here and thereafter simply referred to as PERLUR) is a partnership based Value Added Venture Capital Group focusing its activities on European Economic Area. PERLUR invests in its other ventures, its own ventures and also provides “Build, develop and establish as a Service” services to Financial Investment Groups.

Local subsidiaries of PERLUR also provide Technology and Business Advisory Services to small, medium and large organizations from both private and public sector.

We as PERLUR focus on Venture Capital Investments in Early Stage, Product Development and Product Validation phases. Targeted verticals are:

  • Blockchain Technology Ventures
  • Fintech Services Ventures
  • Information Technology Ventures
  • Information Technology Advisory Services Ventures
  • Business Advisory Services Ventures

Mission Statement

Our PERLUR mission is to find new ways to improve people lives thru development and investments into revolutionary ventures.

Vision Statement

Our PERLUR vision is to be trusted leader in Business Development, Technology and Business Advisory Services as well as strong Venture Capital Group.