Our Leadership Team

Mark Stopka personal photo

Mark Stopka is our Managing Partner and strategist. It is his role to set a direction for entire group to follow. Mark has 10 years of professional experience from IT&T vertical, where he served leading companies in IT&T, finance and pharma verticals. His skills include strategic thinking, governance, IT&T infrastructure architecture and engineering as well as DevOps.

Mark entered the field of blockchain technology early in 2009 when Bitcoin came around purely for a curiosity reasons, he later built a career in enterprise IT services sector and brought his experience into blockchain, venture capital and private equity industries in early 2018.

Aleš Kalus personal photo

Aleš Kalus is our Senior Partner for the area of Traditional Finance, he sets and keeps an eye on our financial goals, manages treasury, our Private Equity portfolio and drives relationships with our partners in traditional finance vertical as well as regulators and other finance vertical stakeholders. Aleš is a certified investment advisor certified by a Czech National Bank.

Apart from his involvement with PERLUR Group he also runs a private real-estate investment single purpose vehicle AK Capital of which PERLUR Group owns 30% equity stake.

Marek Kolín is our Senior Partner for the area of IT infrastructure, his primary area of responsibility is our Infrastructure as a Service offering called ARMory and our infrastructure improvement projects such as PERLUR ONIX and MSKnet.

Radovan Cierny personal photo

Radovan Čierný, our Senior Partner responsible for the Projects and Operations. His client list include companies such as TietoIBM, Hyundai, OKIN, and many more. He is responsible for Project Management and Operations Management for all PERLUR Group activities, while also providing consulting services to our clients.

Jan Bystrianský is our Senior Partner for the area of marketing and public relations.