Open Source Policy

We use, and produce open-source software, as well as we support open-source projects in their infrastructure. We have commited stakes in several open-source blockchain proof-of-stake blockchains, that support on-chain governance model. We currently hold at least Tezos (XTZ) delegated to a stake pool which is aligned with our current vision of the protocol. In addition to that, we hold stake in Cardano (ADA), which is not delegated, since the network does not support that capability yet.

You can find our open-source code at our GitHub page, we build our infrastructure on top of Docker, and you can find our images at Docker Hub. We build on top of CentOS, openSUSE Leap and OpenWRT. We operate a public RPM repository called PEPEL (PERLUR Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) for latest versions of CentOS and openSUSE Leap.

What is PEPEL RPM repository?

PEPEL RPM repository provides variety of open-source packages which are not part of EPEL RPM repository. It does not replace EPEL, and in order to properly function, all CentOS systems must have EPEL RPM repository enabled.

How do I enable PEPEL?

In order to enable PEPEL, you need to run following on your CentOS system:

# If you have not enabled epel run
yum -y install epel-release