PERLUR Group is a emerging financial group, that provides synergetic portoflio of products and services, venture capital and strategic private equity investments. We act as a value added, strategy driven investor, leveraging synergistic alliances across our portfolio of investments.

At PERLUR Group, we strategically invests in Information Technology and Telecommunications vertical, together with Finance vertical and Blockchain distributed ledger technology projects.

Products and Services

Our Delivery arm directly provides services that have synergistic alliances with our investment portfolio, or significant impact on growth potential in our areas of interest in the geographical locations where we operate; we operate on principal of being a good neighbor and try to participate in beneficial private-public partnerships.

Venture Capital

Our Venture Capital arm invests in emerging Information Technology, Blockchain and Fintech startups. We provide our startups with partnerships, capital, business and technical advisory services. We not only take part as a financial investor, but also as a trusted adviser.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity arm acquires strategic share of ownership at both publicly traded and privately owned businesses. We apply our strong strategic planning to generate synergistic alliances across our investment portfolio.

Our Team

Mark Stopka personal photo

Mark Stopka is our Managing Partner, he is a senior IT and IT Service and Project Management Consultant. His client list includes companies such as Tieto, Interoute (now GTT), NetApp, Novartis, DHL and many other smaller companies.

Radovan Čierný in action

Radovan Čierný, our Senior Partner responsible for the Projects and Operations. His client list include companies such as Tieto, IBM, Hyundai, OKIN, and many more. He is responsible for Project Management and Operations Management for all PERLUR Group activities, while also providing consulting services to our clients.